Solar Air Con


Our solar air conditioner offers the best quality and performance in the world, built with all the inner and outer steel structure and components. Operating flow and heat/cold processing control copper tubing helps convert and send heated GREEN gasses to solar air conditioners HITACHI and PANASONIC compressors. With our thermal solar processing helping heat to the medium reducing the compressor workload, therefore saving energy usage and providing a comfortable atmosphere.

SO GREEN AIR SOLAR air conditioners offers more energy efficiency 365 days per year, the hotter it gets outside, the more energy efficient our solar air conditioners are on saving energy

Our solar air conditioners process colder air 50% faster than any air conditioner. SO GREEN AIR SOLAR provides a dual cold processing method which provides cold air immediately at start.

SO GREEN AIR SOLAR inside the blower units offers a dual and triple evaporation processing sending much colder air to the inside of your home or business much faster than any air conditioner. SO GREEN AIR SOLAR has recently made new updates to our solar air conditioners listed below: 

  1. New high quality silver plastic logo labels, very attractive for all products.
  2. Add water one time per year during annual service.
  3. 50% faster cooling capacity over all conventional air conditioners in the world.
  4. Inside unit self-cleaning vacuum, helping keep the filter clean and stop all bacteria’s and dust from re-circulation into the home or business.
  5. VRV systems, making it easy to connect 3 inside units to one outside unit.
  6. Operation at any outside temperature without shut down.
  7. The hotter it is outside, the more energy efficient our SO GREEN AIR SOLAR